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13th of October 2019

Concerts in the Gewandhaus and

Bach Archive

Below are some impressions of a wonderful and eventful weekend in Leipzig.

The programs included Scriabin's Etude Op. 8-11, Rachmaninov's 2nd Sonata, as well as Bach's Italian Concerto on harpsichord.

Another highlight was the world premiere of Christopher Tarnow's Piano Trio dedicated to Dr. Arendt Oetker, which I performed alongside Milena Wilke (violin) and Friedrich Thiele (cello).

(© Kulturkreis / Philipp Kirschner)

30th  March 2019

Concert with Victoria Wong

Hurray, our first public concert together!! 

At this year's Spring Showcase of the Australian Music Foundation, which took place at Australia House in London, we played our first concert together!

The program included works by Brahms and Albeniz/Kreisler.

Here are some pictures, taken at the shooting location of Harry Potter's bank "Gringotts" ;-) 

© Jari Laakso

24th  February 2019

2nd prize at the competition "Ton und Erklärung"

I am very happy to announce, that I won the 2nd prize at this years competition "Ton und Erklärung".

In the Finals I was playing Mozarts piano concerto in A major, KV 488 together with the "Deutsche Radiophilharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern" under the baton of Jamie Phillips 

Many thanks to all the supporters who accompanied me to this point!

Here you can find some impressions of the final round:

© Kulturkreis / Jean M. Laffiteau

24th  January 2019

Trio concert in Wennigsen

As a substitute for Elisabeth Brauß, I had the chance to play a trio concert in the monastery hall of the town Wennigsen, near Hannover, together with percussionist Kai Strobel and trombonist Philip Peneda Resch. The program covered transcriptions of Piazzollas seasons, some Débussy songs as well as Milhaud's Scaramouche.
Here you can find the press review:

20th  January 2019

Welcome to my new website

My new website is finally available under

In the future you will be provided with all available news here. There is a lot to discover - I hope you enjoy my music.

If you want to tell me your thoughts - I am always happy to receive your feedback!

Many thanks to all my friends, colleagues and especially to my family ​for the wonderful help and support!

Photoshoot with Michael Hübner in Berlin

Many thanks to Michael Hübner for the amazing photos:

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